Resin modifiers/curing agents

New High Refractive Index Materials ReX series

  • It is a conpound with a high refractive index of approximately 1.64 to 1.70.

  • Applicable to radical curing systems due to the effect of reactive functional groups.

  • Low viscosity and low crystallinity, compatible with a variety of solvents.

  • ReX-2
    ReX-2 Pale yellow liquid (14mPa・s)
  • ReX-3
    ReX-3 Pale yellow liquid (17mPa・s)
  • 開発品3
    ReX-4 Pale yellow liquid
    *Solvent dilution grade


  • Display Materials/Lens Materials

    Display Materials
    Lens Materials

  • Adhesives for electronic materials/Adhesive films

    for electronics
    Film adhesives

  • This product is on an exploratory basis and future supply is not guaranteed.

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