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Automatic Chlorine Feeder

Automatic Chlorine Feeder

Simple Timer control NAPIX KT
Automatic supply by a timer system

The ultimate in simple chlorine supply system.Once you set timers for supply time and dosage quantity of chlorine, all you have to do is fill NEO-CHLOR.

Locations of use : Pools/Spas and Hot tubs/Waterscape facilities

Easy setting on the touch panel

Just set the chlorine supply time and quantity on the touch panel, and fill NEO-CHLOR in the hopper. Then, NEO-CHLOR will be automatically supplied. Automatic chlorine control is readily achieved by simple operation.

touch panel image

More accurate automatic chlorine control

You can set the supply timing/frequencies by days or hours. Also you can adjust the dosage quantity into three levels according to the number of people swimming or bathing.NAPIX ensures automatic chlorine control as well as full-automatic systems can provide.

New chlorine supply system

As a new chlorine supply system, we adopted a screw draw-out system. This system is highly resistant to the sticking of chlorine and contributes to more stable chlorine control.

Save your time for chlorine supply

The standard chlorine hopper has a capacity of about 12 kg of chlorine agent. Thus, a single fill of chlorine achieves chlorine control without filling it for several days to 1 week.


Location of installation Indoor installation type
(Avoid direct sunlight, heat, moisture, warm or cold air, dusty place, corrosive gas or vibrations, place near water or chemcals, or place near electric instruments that cause induction of motors, etc.)
Chlorine supply system Screw feeder(draw-out system)
Exclusive agent NEO-CHLOR 60 granular
Timer 24-hour timer / weekly timer(provided with power failure compensation)
Size W 580 mm × D 535 mm × H 985.5 mm (including anchor)
Body frame SS400 / Powder coating
Power supply AC 200 V, single-phase (50/60 Hz)
Maximum power consumption 350/470W(50/60Hz)
Weight (with outer carton) Approx. 37 kg(approx. 45 kg)
Connection piping Water supply line PVC16A pipe
Water feed line PVC16A pipe
Drainage line 1/2B male thread × hose
Overflow line PVC20A pipe
Standard discharge rate of transfer pump 13.5/18.3m-20L/min.(50/60Hz)

Flow sheet

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