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The HIPOLKA series consists of a wide range of bacterial enzymatic agents and allied products which accelerate the normal treatment cycle that nature has wisely provided. It is designed to significantly improve the performance of aerobic biological waste water treatment with its high propagation of a dominant species.

Trade name

HIPOLKA series


    • High multiplication ratio

    • Powerful and quick effect

    • Deodorizing effect

    • Active even at a water temperature of 10°C

    • Formulated various types of species

    • Effective even at pH 5

    • Excellent stability of storage under normal conditions.

    • Safety : No toxicity

Hipolka series

Trade name Features
HIPOLKA-S<Super Seed>
(For seeding and maintenance)
HIPOLKA-S is good for seeding of brand-new or renewed waste water facilities. HIPOLKA-S accelerates the digestive process as soon as it is introduced into the sewage flow with an increase of a true dominant species. HIPOLKA-S contains facultative bacteria and is effective foranaerobic tanks as well.
(For improving performance and reduction of odor)
HIPOLKA-R is a booster for stimulating the digestive process and reducing offensive odor when the biodegrading effect is reduced in the sewage system. It is ideal for rapid biomass establishment in temporarily high loaded or seasonally operated plants and offers consistent performance to minimize operational problem.
(For oil and grease cut)
HIPOLKA-O is formulated to provide the most efficient bacteria for the biodegradation
of fats, oil and grease of animal and vegetable origin. It also helps break down proteins, carbohydrates and cellulose into increasingly smaller particles in a sequential manner.
(For anaerobic treatment)
HIPOLKA-K is a fermentation micro-organism containing various types of facultative anaerobes which is used for accelerating the fermentation of waste under anaerobic conditions. It generates hydrolysis,denitrification and acid fermentation and reduces BOD and offensive odor as a result. It is useful for treating animal urine and feces
with a reduction in odor.

Hipolka series allied products

The following products are available to enhance and accelerate synthetic waste water treatment.

Trade name Features
<Quick deodorizer>
The KEIRYU-K SERIES has a broad range which can be applied depending on the type
of odor.
This product gives bacteria sufficient nutrient to grow and work efficiently in waste treatment facilities. When bacteria are seeded in brand-new or renewed facilities and require a specific type of nutrient,this product is very effective.
<Filamentous bulking dissolution agent>
This product solves bulking problems by preventing filamentous bacteria activation.
This product maintains the effect for a long time.
<Syntetic high polymer flocculants>
This synthetic highly polymer flocculant is indispensable in process water treatment because of the shortened cycle time. The POWER-FLOC SERIES plays a vital role on occasions such as the contamination of treated water with bulking and over flowing of sludge.
<Supplement for improving settling>
FLOC-BASE is a natural porous fine particle which absorbs suspended solids and improves settling by making flocculation.
<Quick defoaming agent>
AWASENSOR-H is used where foaming problems exist. This product is the silicon type
of defoaming agent and it works only when foaming problem is generated.
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