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Differential pressure type automatic chlorine feeder


Simple structure and easy control

CHLORINATOR is a chlorine feeder that uses filtrated water pressure and no longer requires any power source.

Locations of use : Pools / Spas and Hot tubs


    • Suitable for pools and spas/hot tubs
      CHLORINATOR is a jet stream type system using water pressure and does not require any special power source. It is also lightweight and compact and requires less installation space.

    • Easy maintenance
      Since CHLORINATOR does not use metals for the parts that come into contact with water and chlorine, it secures distinguished durability and is free of corrosion and rust. In addition, any machineries, which are likely to cause breakdowns, are not used.

    • Less energy and time required to control chlorine
      A chlorine container is made of pressure-resistant glass, and you can monitor the quantity and supply condition of chlorine at a glance. CHLORINATOR is easy to operate and does not require any help of the user except when filling the container with chlorine agent once or twice a day.


Type SKC-20
Wide 276mm
Height 460mm
Length 260mm
Weight 5.5kg
Limit of pressure Approx.0.3MPa
Limit of container 1.8kg
Exclusive agent NEO-CHLOR 90 granular
Water flow scale Float Control time Target water volume
100~500L/h(black) sus(silver) 4~8 hours 100~800㎥
20~160L/h(red) Teflon(white) 8~12 hours 50~300㎥
  • CHLORINATOR requires a recirculation filtration differential pressure of at least 0.03 MPa for stable driving.

Flow sheet

Flow sheet
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