Surface treatment chemicals for PWBs

OSP (Organic Solderability Preservative)

Shikoku's OSP is contributing to electronic industry. We are manufacturer of imidazole which is an active ingredient of OSP and also developed the first OSP in the world .

Product list

Glicoat Glicoat-SMD
T E series F2 series F3
E3 EX F2 F2(LX) F2(LX)PK
Process 30℃ 40℃ 30℃ 40℃ 40℃ 40℃ 40℃
10~20sec 30sec 20〜30sec 60sec 60sec 60sec 60sec
Alkyl benz
Imidazole A Imidazole B
Heat resistance
Selective gold
  • short
  • short
  • Easy
  • Low odor
  • High heat
  • Applicable to
    lead-free solder
  • Applicable
    to BGA
  • Long shelf life

Glicoat-SMD F2
For lead-free solder

Glicoat-SMD F2 is de facto standard OSP to give excellent solder paste spreadability as well as solder flow-up in conjunction with lead-free solder.


    • Glicoat-SMD F2 with high heat resistance shows excellent solderpaste spreadability as well as solder flow-up

    • More economical for running cost than metal surface finishes

    • Much higher solder joint strength compared with Gold plating

    • Safety and Environmentally-friendly, because of aqueous solution




OSP(Organic Solderability Preservative)
Glicoat-SMD F2(LX)
For lead-free solder and selective gold

Glicoat-SMD F2(LX) is de fact standard OSP to give excellent solder paste spreadability as well as solder flow-up in conjunction with lead-free solder. No OSP deposition on gold surface only on copper, it is suitable for copper and gold mixed selective gold PWBs.


    • Excellent heat-resistance to stand multiple heat cycles same as F2 quality

    • Unnecessary controlling copper ion concentration

    • Unnecessary special specification for OSP treating line

OSP coating on gold

OSP coating on gold

OSP for IC substrate
Glicoat-SMD F2(LX)PK

Glicoat-SMD F2(LX)PK is designed for IC substrate with excellent properties even after severe assembling conditions. It's widely used for Wire bonding type as well as Flip chip type, because of better solder joint strength than gold plating.


    • Keep good appearance on outer pads even exposed by deflux solution for inner bump flux cleaning

    • Examine the optimum compatibility with inner / outer ball flux and deflux solution to minimize missing ball

Process for Flipchip / Comparison of film thickness after deflux / Appearance after deflux and baking
Appearance after deflux and baking / Comparison of Outer ball spreadability
Solderability between F2(LX)PK and competitor's products
Since F2(LX)PK film is not so damaged by deflux solution due to strong chelate and intermolecular force, it keeps good outer ball spreadability and minimize missing ball.

OSP for Automotive PWB
Glicoat-SMD F3

F3 shows excellent performance in terms of copper oxidation and humidity protection for longer shelf life, because of higher density organic layer than conventional OSPs.


    • F3 gives longer shelf life and holding time the same as metal surface finishes

    • F3 gives excellent solderability, because of less oxidation and discoloration on copper surface after reflows

    • F3 is more economical for running cost than metal surface finishes


Copper Discoloration

Copper Discoloration
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