Basic Chemical Raw Materials
Sodium Carbonate

Sodium Carbonate

●Chemical formula
Raw materials for soap and detergents, bathing powder, colorants, dyes, soda lime glass, and sodium silicate (water glass), water treatment agents, pH adjuster, etc.


Foreign substances are removed from Sodium Carbonate produced in China at our subcontract plant in Tianjin, China, by our quality control technology experienced from Sodium Sulfate (we have the largest market share in Japan). Only products that passed our quality specifications are packed into packing styles requested by customers and swiftly delivered to them through our logistics network.

Quality specifications

Item Specification
Standard sodium carbonate Na2CO3(%) 99.0min.
Chloride Cl(%) 0.35max.
Drying loss 0.5typ
Fe2O3(%) 0.003max.
Water-insoluble substance(%) 0.01max.
Apparent specific gravity(g/ml) Dense (dense ash) 1.0min.
Light (light ash) 1.0max.
Dense (dense ash) Grain size: Aperture2.3mm Pass 100% pass
Light (light ash) Grain size: Aperture0.8mm Pass 100% pass

CAS No:497-19-8
*By request, we can submit a certificate of analysis performed according to the standards and measuring methods specified in the Eighth Edition of Japanʼs Specification and Standards for Food Additives. This product, however, is not a food additive.

Packing styles

Brand name Packing style Net weight
(dense ash)
Flexible container 1,000kg
Paper bag 25kg
(light ash)
Flexible container 750kg
Paper bag 25kg

We can also deliver the product in other packing styles. Please consult our sales contact.

Production Process

Production Process
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